The Fall of the French Monarchy par Munro Price

The Fall of the French Monarchy par Munro Price

Titre de livre: The Fall of the French Monarchy

Auteur: Munro Price

ISBN: 0333901940

Éditeur: Papermac

Munro Price avec The Fall of the French Monarchy

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Munro Price has meticulously researched the mood, atmosphere and personalities behind the palace walls. At the heart of this research is a cache of letters that sheds new light on the lives of the royals, as the monarchy was gradually stripped of its power and revolutionary fervour called for their execution. The central character in this new evidence is the Baron de Breteuil, Louis's ambassador in exile, who orchestrated doomed escape plans and co-ordinated the international response to the revolution.This new book reassesses a perennially interesting period of history and will shed fresh insight into one of the real tuning points in European history

...fascinating and ground-breaking... This is... a truly revolutionary book. -- Sunday Telegraph, 21 July 02

Munro Price was born in London, and was educated there and in Cambridge, where he took his PhD. He specializes in eighteenth and early nineteenth-century France, and has lived and taught in Lyon and Paris. He is Professor of Modern European in History at the University of Bradford. His critically acclaimed books include The Fall of the French Monarchy, which won the Franco-British Society's Literary Prize and was shortlisted for the Longman-History Today Prize.